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Be humble

Be humble

माणं मद्दवया जिणे

Overcome the pride with modesty

Storm uproots big large trees but can do no harm to the grass spread over the earth. Why is this so? Trees keep standing in their arrogance whereas grass is humble i.e. it has humility. Because of arrogance, trees are uprooted whereas due to meekness grass remain as it is. It shows the path to the conceited people as to how they should behave.

We have to win over pride and arrogance. In both, humility is expected. Only through humility, we can win everywhere. Show of pride to a proud man can create problems that are more complex. In opposition to this, use of humility can diminish his pride and his heart may get influenced by good behavior of a humble man. Seeds of humility may get sown in him and he may realize his mistake. This only is the win of the humble over the conceited.

Thus, to overcome arrogance, we must take recourse to humility. Pride makes all the attributes lose their strength, whereas modesty helps them improve develop. That is why, if you want to be good, destroy pride and be humble.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 8/36

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