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Remain humble

Remain humble

विणए ठविज्ज अप्पाणं, इच्छंतो हियमप्पणो

The self-improvement wishing aspirant must remain humble

One who were sitting in a bull-cart or horse-cart, how much ever he may try to keep his body stable, his body would remain shaky. Conversely, man sitting on the land or on a hill would be found remaining unshaken, stable. Body’s stability or instability depends on foundation.

Same logic can be applied to soul. Soul’s stability and instability also depends on its foundation. If we provide foundation of objects of momentary satisfaction, passions, bad habits, evil mental tendencies then surely it would remain unstable.

On the contrary, if we give it the foundation of scriptures, religious stories, and virtues, then it will remain stable. As the basis of all perverted mental tendencies is pride, so is the humility basis of all good qualities and well meaning mental outlook.

Therefore, experienced people say that the aspirants who wish for their self-improvement, they should constantly engage their soul in humility.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/6

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