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Do not commit violence

Do not commit violence

सव्वेसिं जीवियं पियं, नाइवाएज्ज कंचणं

All love life, no one wants to die

Who is the one, who does not want to live? Everyone loves his own life. How valuable is human life is known when he is asked to choose in between the two choices – at one place his death is kept along with millions of gold coins and on the other side his life is kept along with little money. Surely, kicking aside the millions he will choose life only with little money.

When life is so much valuable then why should we hurt anyone for our little selfishness? Why should we spoil our soul by reaping sins through committing of violence? As per the enlightened it is best for every one that knowing ‘life is dear to all’ we never commit violence against any living being.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/3

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