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Neither language, nor intellect

Neither language, nor intellect

न चित्ता तायए भासा
कुओ विज्जाणुसासणं

Ornamental languages can also not shield (one with misconduct from his lowly birth) then what can be said about intelligence

There is lot of difference between the knowledge of languages and discipline of education. One may know only one language, still he can be a scholar; someone else may know many languages, yet be a fool. Knowledge is not enhanced by knowledge of languages. Those whose mother tongue is English, they can understand English since childhood, they can speak English but that does not mean that they would become more intelligent than the one who knows Indian language and does not know English at all.

It is clear from this that enhancement of knowledge has nothing to do with language but with literature. As much as one studies, that much intelligent he would become. However, with reference to get away from misconduct, neither the language nor the scholarly attitude is helpful.

Things which save the soul from wrongdoing are – good conduct, exemplary character, benevolence etc., neither the language, nor intellect.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 6/11

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  1. Jashvant Shah
    Mar 4, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra. Here it not the language that is referred to Chita. Here a very important difference is cited between Vidya and Knowledge.According to my thinking the question of language in terms of either English or any other language is not here.

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