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Towards misfortune

Towards misfortune

आसुरीयं दिसं बाला, गच्छंति अवसा तमं

Being helpless, ignorant attain darkness prevailing in the hell

Those who do not have right knowledge, they become slaves and as a result go to low birth.

Action (karma) is in man’s power i.e. he is independent to act; but he is dependent on experiencing its fruits. He cannot get liberated (Moksha) until he experiences the results of his good or bad deeds.

For liberation, right knowledge of all the nine realties – animate, inanimate, virtue, vice, influx, stoppage, bondage, shedding and moksha – is essential. One who understands these, he only can realize that soul is the best reality. It is only conscience, knowing, feeling, conducive and free. He also knows that karma is inanimate, without knowledge, without feelings, and without conduct and hinder the knowledge, perception and conduct of the soul. Thus, the knowledge of soul’s consciousness and senselessness of karma inspires one to take to virtuous path – Moksha. Opposite to this, an ignorant man helplessly walks towards the path of misfortune.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 7/10

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