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As fearless as a Lion

As fearless as a Lion

सीहो व सद्देण न संतसेज्जा

Be fearless as a lion; fear not the words

How fearless is the lion! He is not afraid of the elephant’s trumpet. Though, his body is much smaller than the elephant, still, his bravery, his courage awakens praiseworthy fearlessness in him which makes him careless about the trumpet also. Similarly, brave men also are not afraid of opponent’s challenge; those who fear, they are not brave; they are cowards.

Bravery is not related to strength, but with courage. Elephant is more powerful than the lion, but the courageous lion faces the elephant and defeats him also. Lion is brave as well as intelligent. With his courage and intelligence he wins over the elephant.

This does not mean that without assessing our strength we should take on the challenge. Strength has its own importance, but if we are weak compared to the opponent, then we should have that much intelligence that the absence of strength is filled with the power of mind and are able to face the adversary with full confidence.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 21/14

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