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Gift of life

Gift of life

दाणाण सेट्ठं अभयप्पयाणं

To give life is the best donation

Donation is that which is given to fulfill others’ needs. Needs are of many types and hence, donation is of many types e.g., donation of food, water, space, clothes, home etc. Modern donations include labor donation (started by Mahatma Gandhi), land donation and donation of wealth (started by Saint Vinoba Bhave) etc.

However, the most important element is life. Drowning, burning, or vexed man first wants to live. Therefore, to save and sustain his life is the best donation. For example, fleeing Bangladeshis were given refuge by India. Refuge makes the refugees fearless. Hence, it is also called as ‘abhayadana’ – gift of life.

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/6/23

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