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Do Not Laugh Much

Do Not Laugh Much

अतिवेलं न हसे मुणी

A sadhu should not laugh unrestrained

Smiling and being always cheerful is a necessity for good health. Can an irritating person be ever happy who always remains sad with melancholy, goes on telling his woes to others, babbles and quarrels with others? Never.

This life is for enjoying, not weeping. It is to make others happy and not sad. Overwhelmed by adversaries, he loses his wisdom and is not able to think to overcome such situations. Against this, intelligence resides in a happy person. One who retains his poise, he is certainly able to find ways to come out of such difficult situations.

A silent man is a muni (Sadhu). He also should remain cheerful – smiling. Smiling is not bad but smiling beyond limit for a long time is bad.

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/6/26

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