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Do Not Speak Much

Do Not Speak Much

नाइवेलं वएज्जा

Do not speak much and for long

Vela means 1. Time and 2. Within limits; therefore, this quotation has two meanings.

The first meaning is that the aspirant must not speak for long. Many people cultivate habit of speaking much. Given the opportunity, they will continue to talk day and night. Such people are like broken pots. As water cannot be retained in such pots, similarly such talkative people cannot keep anything confidential with them. An aspirant is restrained. He must practice to control his speech so that he can convey what he wishes to say within the shortest time.

The other meaning of the maxim is that the time limit of speech must not be broken. For example, not to speak while elders are talking, not to use inappropriate language while addressing men of designations, not to employ sinful speech, not to speak anything which promotes violence.

Thus, “ativela’ means to limit the speech and time while expressing oneself.

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/14/25

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  1. Jashvant Shah
    Mar 7, 2013 #

    Jai jinendra. This Sutra very nicely points towards : Bhasha Samiti and Vachan Gupti.

  2. Brahm Parsh
    Oct 18, 2016 #

    The article means a lot and very meaningful.

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