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Obeisance to Acharyas

Obeisance to Acharyas

जत्थेव धम्मायरियं पासेज्जा,
तत्थेव वंदिज्जा नमंसिज्जा

Wherever Acharyas are seen, there only we should pay our obeisance and respect

Acharyas are those who inspire conduct and they become inspired, for the venerable.

Virtuous only can inspire good conduct, not the man of bad conduct. Virtuous know what difficulties arise in practicing good conduct, where patience and fortitude is required. Thus, they can very well guide aspirants of restraint.

We are grateful to those who show us the path. Even by serving them throughout our life, we cannot repay them for their kindness. Hence, our gratitude for them should always be kept alive.

Gratitude must also be shown through action. For this it is enjoined to follow this rule that wherever religious Acharyas are seen, there only, instantly, we should pay our obeisance and respect.

- Rajaprasniya 4/76

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