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Jiv Vichar – Gatha 3-4

Jiv Vichar - Gatha 3-4

Gatha 3

फलिहमणिरयण विद्दुम,
हिंगुल हरियाल मणसिलरसिंदा|
कणगाई घाउ सेढी, वन्निय अरणेट्टय पलेवा||

Gatha 4

अब्भय तूरी ऊसं, मट्टी-पाहाण-जाईओ णेगा|
सोवीरंजण लुणाई, पुढविभेआई ईच्चाई||

PRUTHVIKAYA : Pruthvikaya jiva are living beings having earth, soil, minerals, etc as their own bodies, also known as earthly bodies.

The different kinds of earthly bodies are stated below:
Quartz, pearl, gem, cinnabar, orpiment, realgar, mansheel, mercury, metals like gold, silver and platinum, chalk, red clay, aranetto, coral, mica, alum, soda, sand.

All varieties of stones, rocks, antimony, salt, etc are also categorized as earthly bodies.

1. Jain Life Science by Smeeth Shah

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  1. bhavika gandhi
    Mar 24, 2014 #

    i like the book .its really very nice book .but i want the book which have gatha and its defination in hindi .if possible .its urgent so .

  2. Kalpak shah
    Dec 11, 2015 #

    I want to know how prithvi Kai youni count as 350youni ni che
    I want details about it

  3. Yogitha
    Sep 25, 2020 #

    I want the meaning of DASWEKALIK SUTRA AGAM in which it has been written why shouldn’t we eat after sunset or at late night and all..????????

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