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Jiv Vichar – Gatha 6

Jiv Vichar   Gatha 6

इंगाल जाल मुम्मुर,
उक्कासणि कणग विज्जुमाईआ|
अगणि जियाणं भेया, नायव्वा निउण बुद्धिए||
In this stanza, the third type of sthavara jiva i.e. Teukaya jiva are defined and explained.

TEUKAYA / AGNIKAYA : Agnikaya jiva are living beings that have fire as their own bodies, also known as fire bodies.

The possible forms of fire bodies are stated below:

1. Burning coal, flame, spark, meteor, moving comet.

2. Lightning (electricity, batteries, etc) – These forms of Teukaya jiva are to be understood with sharp mind.

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