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Jiv Vichar – Gatha 5

Jiv Vichar   Gatha 5

भोमंतरिकूख-मुदगं ओसा
हिम करग हरितणू महिआ|
हुंति घणोदहिमाई, भेयाणेगा य आउस्स||
In this stanza, the second type of sthavara jiva i.e. Apkaya jiva are defined and explained.
APKAYA : Apkaya jiva are living beings that have water (in any form) as their own bodies, also known as water bodies.

The possible forms of water bodies are stated below:
1. Water of well, reservoirs, ponds, lakes, river, sea and other sources of water
2. Rainwater
3. Other forms are dew, ice, hailstones, fog, mist, etc
4. Ghanodahi.e. athick layerof water below every earth and some heavenly bodies
5. Water oozing out of plants and leaves
6. All other forms of water are also categorized as water bodies

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