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Wise for ever

Wise for ever

सम्मद्दिट्ठि सया अमूढे

One whose perception is right, he is ever wise

A deluded man is ignorant. His ignorance can be removed by virtuous company; but a man of right vision is wise, his wisdom cannot be vitiated by the company of the vice.

Serpents embrace the sandalwood tree but then also that does not become venomous. Similarly, a gentle man might be surrounded with immoral man; still immorality would not affect him.

One whose attitude is right, he sees only what is good and picks up good things only. Amongst the evil also he is able to pick up something good in them to learn. What to talk about learning from the learned.

You must have heard about that great man who used to say that what all he had learnt, he had learnt from foolish people only because he would avoid doing what foolish people did. He was a man of right vision because he could learn from foolish men also. Otherwise, he would have learned evil from virtuous also.

Man of right vision is never perplexed. He always remains wise.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 10/7

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