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Humility towards Guru

Humility towards Guru

जस्संतिए धम्मपयाइं सिक्खे,
तस्संतिए वेणइयं पउंजे

From whomsoever one would have learnt religious lessons (pada); towards them, he should behave humbly

Pada means words. Religious pada means such words from which religious education is acquired. Such words are found in scriptures; hence, those who, explain scriptures are called religious gurus.

One who has learnt from religious gurus, he should always be grateful to them. Ungrateful disciple or one who does not accept their beneficence can never be fully benefited from them.

Against this, when gurus are sure that a particular disciple is grateful – humble, then, they open out their hearts before him. They teach him whatever they know.

Therefore, wise men say that towards those who preach, from whom we have learnt, understood, by hearted, we should forever behave with modesty because the key to knowledge is — humility towards guru.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 6/1/12

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