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Different attitude

Different attitude

पुढो छंदा इह मानवा

Here, people are of different attitudes

In this world, we observe that nature of men is different from each other – their likings are different -their thinking is different. Difference is so much that, one man’s thoughts are also not same – at different times, they are different.

Reason is that the nature, thinking and taste – all depend on circumstances. Depending on circumstances, mental tendencies continue to vary. During war, it is the literature on bravery, which is preferred; it is not preferred in wedding. Likewise, the songs of love, which are sung in marriage, cannot be sung on death.

As all this is observed in the worldly activities, so also an intelligent preacher must observe proper timely discourse. Who does not know that preaching of renunciation is more effective at condolence meet rather than on wedding? Truly, difference in man’s thinking change as per circumstances.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/5/2

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