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Foot prints of Sukoshal Muni

Foot prints of Sukoshal Muni
Chetan ! History means his story but if you take upon your own self it might become your own story. As they acheived the supreme goal at last, you too could strive hard to get that superb beauty.

One who wants to make a high jump in the sky, even one step is enough. In the same way, inspiration comes in the way of lighting. Only few could see it and fewer could feel it and rare, very rare people could be benefitted by it.

Kirtidhar was the King of Ayodhya. Queen Sahdevi gave birth to a Prince. Sukoshal was just born and here Kirtidhar saw a solar eclipse. This scene touched him and inspiration emerged and surfed from his inner soul.

The sun also has an enemy’ so as my soul ! Death will come and I will die without washing my soul ? Wealth and women would perish here. Kingdom and kinmen would not accompany me in my next birth. Soul is eternal and this human clay is useless if salvation is not achieved.

Kirtidhar handed over his coronet to Little Sukoshal and took diksha.

After many years Kirtidhar Muni thin with austerities came to Ayodhya for alms. King’s mother Sahdevi,at once recognised him and a cruel thought based on fear crossed her mind.

Sahdevi’s ordinance was out. No saint would be allowed to roam about in Ayodhya.

Every saint was forced to leave the city. One Police man saw Kirtidhar Muni and showing him a lathi ordered him to go out.

This incident was seen by Sukoshal’s Dhavmata-the mother who fed and looked after him and a flood of tears rolled down her cheeks.

Sukoshal inquired ‘‘what is the matter?’’ ‘‘O son ! you cannot recognise your father, who became a saint. Instead of giving him honour, a paid-servant of this kingdom is showing him lathi due to your mother Sahadevi’s ordinance?’’

‘O mother ! Though Sahadevi is mother by birth yet you are also my mother because to this day it was you, who looked after me. It is good of you to remind me of my holy father and as you say, he was insulted in such a mean way.. I will ask him to forgive me.’

Saying this Sukhoshal went to Kirtidhar Muni.

Oh sir ! Do you recognise me? “

Seeing your costly clothes and costumes, I guess you are the king of Ayodhya.

No sir ! Not in that way’ I am your worldly son !

If you are my true son, how could you stick to that thing which I have given up as a sin?’’

These words touched his heart. Oh Sir, then what should I do?

Keeping a burning branch in hand burns your hand, throwing it away, saves your self from burning. Save your own skin .’

Sir ! Please wait here a little, I am coming just to take Diksha.

Sukoshal announced his firm decision. Mother Sahdevi oppossed but Sukoshal was firm in his determination.

Who will be heir to the throne ? Ministers agreed at one point-Show the heir !

Sukoshal said ‘ Oh Ministers ! Delay is out of question. Death has no date. So even a second is a year to me. So as my heir I annouce the one who ever is taking form in my pregnant wife’s womb. He would be your king !’

Sukoshal took diksha. And here Mother Sahdevi crying-Oh my Sukoshal ! Oh my Sukoshal’ died and was born as a tigress.

Kritidhar Muni and Sukoshal Muni once observed four months fast and so wishing for alms they were crossing this Shatrunjaya hill. On this very spot, the tigress with open claws jumped upon them. As it is said ‘Much attachment turns into much enmity.’’

The tigress first caught Sukoshal. And tearing his body, she began to break his bones and drink his blood. When one side was over she tore the other side.

At that time Sukoshal Muni entered in deep meditation. He was happy to meet the tigress. To this day, he thought, ‘I have done penance to achieve salvation. This sister has come to make my achievement faster.’’

Thinking this way Sukoshal gained kevalgyan and achieved salvation. Tearing his mouth the tigress was sweft with a flood of thoughts and then came the recognisation. Oh this kind of toothset is familiar to me.. like an onion, layers and layers were opening. She swooned and the previous life and relation came just as a film flashback..

‘‘He is my son and I am his mother.. I drank his blood ! Fie fie upon me and my dirty soul. Though the body has changed yet my soul is the same.. ’’

Repenting very much, she sat there fasting without food and water. After 2½ days she died and went to heaven.

Say ‘Namo Siddhanam’ to such a great saint as Sukoshalmuni who endured so much pain. No gain without pain ! So let us pray to him to bestow upon us some power of endurance so that we can live a life free from all vices.

Chetan ! What a holy place this is ! you walk a bit further and there comes a point which is no less important. We walk just few more steps and on our left we see a little dehri with two foot prints. The marble plate reads ‘Nami-Vinami’.

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