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Foot prints of Kalikunda Parshwanath

Foot prints of Kalikunda Parshwanath
During the Palitana tirthyatra, climbing serpent way before the stone steps take a complete left-u-turn, we find a little level ground with a little temple in the middle. Behind it is a water hut and the fourth place of rest.

The little temple has footprints of Kalikunda Parshwanath in it.

Chetan ! Lord Parshwanath once came in the Jungle named Kadambiri and there he remained in ‘Kayotsarg’ (stood in deep meditation).

The air was warm and still. Framed by the emerald foliage with the morning sun, soft and golden, litting him perfectly, a most magnificent elephant bull, a big tusker emerged from the thorn bush and looking at Lord Parshwanath without blinking eyes was filled with devotion and so, brought water in his trunk. Doing Abhishek he placed flowers at His reverend feet. The elephant went to heaven. The place was named Kalikund Tirth.

Gurudev ! Is there any known history of this elephant ? Yes, Chetan ! In his previous birth he was a saint. A pigmy in size, he observed many austerities and long time fasting. Yet due to inferiority complex rooted deeply in his subconscious, he had a death wish. ‘‘I am so tiny, I wish a big body. ”This granted he became a huge mammoth-elephant, but getting the holy sight of Lord he remembered his past life through Jati Smaran and shedding tears he worshiped the Lord and recovered his every penny lost by gaining heaven.

Chetan ! say Namo Jinanam to Lord Parasnath. These foot prints were placed here in VS 1835.

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