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Social service is true celebration

Social service is true celebration

The real joy is in giving rather than receiving

Rohit took his mother’s blessings as soon as he woke up. His mother said, “Live a long happy and prosperous life. How come you are taking my blessings today? Your exams are over.” Rohit said, “Mummy you forgot. Today is my birthday.” Mother said, “Oh! Take this money and get sweets from the market.”

After two hours when Rohit came empty handed from the market his mother said, “What happened? Why are you so late? Why haven’t you bought the sweets. Did you lose the money? Rohit said, “No mummy. I distributed the sweets to everyone outside.” Mummy said, “What are you saying? You did not give me, your father and your younger sister even one sweet.”

Rohit said, “Mummy no one could eat the sweets I got so I did not bring them at home.” Mummy said, “What kind of sweet is this which we cannot eat and only others can eat. Speak the truth. Where were you for so much time? What did you do with the money?” Rohit said, “Mummy I gave grass to cows and cereals to birds. We eat sweets everyday let these mute animals eat on my birthday.” Mummy said, “Very good son. You are very kind and compassionate. May all mothers get a son like you.”

Social service is true celebration
Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary, Holi or Diwali on all occasions gifts should be :
• Pens and not flowers. You can give books.
• Be generous to mute animals and do not hold mini parties.
• Serve food with love to handicapped and orphaned people, not just family and friends.
• Paying the fee of a needy student.
• Buy clothes for a needy person.

“Receiving blessings from all these people is true celebration of birthday and life. Celebrating a year that has just ended in any other way is a folly.”

Always provide timely and proper food and water to all those who are dependent on you. “Share and eat” is our culture. Never eat anyone’s share. Never depriving anyone from food and water makes your present right and future bright.

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  1. Brahm Parsh
    Sep 21, 2016 #

    Very nice story which carries a lot of meaning. An excellent educational tool for every one especially for children.

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