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Wish for quality growth

Wish for quality growth

कङ्खे गुणे जाव सरीरभेऊ

Until you are not dead, wish for quality growth

Until body is not deceased i.e. not dead, we should incessantly strive to excel ourselves.

Everyone desires for sense gratification but wise men aspire for value growth. They learn something or other from whosoever they meet. Accumulation of appreciable qualities makes them so good that they are honored at all places.

Fame is earned not only through attributes but also because of vices. A dacoit also becomes famous, a saint too. Difference is that the saint is famous for good reasons and the dacoit infamous for despicable reasons.

Vocal praise may not be genuine. For their selfish reasons, self-interested people praise for wrong reasons which is called obsequiousness or flattery. True adulation is that which comes from the heart. Such admiration can be earned because of inherent attributes only. Therefore, life long one should aspire to add-on quality to life.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 4/13

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