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Neither ill treat yourself, nor others

Neither ill treat yourself, nor others

नो अत्ताणं आसाएज्जा, नो परं आसाएज्जा

Neither think low of yourself, nor think low of others

Those who are victims of inferiority complex – think low of themselves, they are not able to advance properly in this world. They dare not develop themselves, tread the path of progress; throughout life they think themselves as incapable and also remain incapable.

Opposite to this mentality are those who think others below themselves and do not value their qualities. They live in their pride only and praise themselves. If someone were to admire them, they become overjoyed; but would never praise others themselves. They are not able to see others’ qualities nor give them respect.

Advising to keep away from these two horrible tendencies, the experienced have said – believe neither yourself low, nor others; neither ill-treat yourself, nor others.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/6/5

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