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True learning

True learning

अट्ठजुत्ताणि सिक्खिज्जा,
निरट्ठाणि उवज्जए

Refrain from wasteful learning, learn only what is useful

Some thinkers believe that art is for arts sake only and some believe that art is for benevolence. According to the first type of thinkers art will die, if its object is something else; and for other type of thinkers if the object is not good then that art will kill others.

Learning also should be not for the purpose of learning, but for munificence. Meaningless learning is waste of time. Those who do not believe in the object of learning, they learn many subjects and because of divided attention they are not able to specialize in any subject. Against this, those who learn with an object of self-development, they try to learn that much only which is useful for the fulfillment of their object. In this way, specializing in their limited subjects, they use their life for the betterment of self and others.

According to wise men leaving aside learning of aimless subjects, we should learn only with a purpose because that only is true learning.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/8

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