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Real or Unreal

Real or Unreal

राढामणी वेरुलियप्पगासे,
अमहग्घए होइ हु जाणएसु

There is no value for the brilliantly shining diamond-like piece of glass in the eyes of a jeweller

Unreal pearl is more shining than the real pearl; but that can never equa the value of the real one. A jeweller understands the difference between them. Similarly, you get happiness through sensual pleasures and through spiritual engagements also; but how great is the difference in between the two! One provides temporary happiness whereas he other gives eternal happiness. Men of spirituality understand the difference between the two and strive for eternal happiness only.

Temporary happiness is more attractive, instant and direct; therefore, normal men believe those to be real happiness and life long are engaged in their acquistion. Thus, they waste their life. Wiseman does not do this.

Sensual gratification also looks to be as satisfying as spiritual happiness; but it has no value for the man of right knowledge. A piece of glass also shines like that of a diamond; but for a jeweleer it is valueless.

-Uttaradhyayana Sutra 20/42

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  1. Rinkesh
    Aug 3, 2011 #

    Very true & beautifully presented!!!

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