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Real education is the key to success

Real education is the key to success

Be virtuous in smallest of the deed so that in future you can succeed

It was 9.30 a.m…..All those going to factories, offices, banks, schools, and colleges were in a hurry to reach their destination. For four years Mahesh was doing odd jobs. Despite being intelligent and hardworking, he never found a satisfying job. Today he was going for a job interview. He was nervous but confident that he would receive a good job this time.

He was going by bus and as soon as he boarded the bus he got a window seat and took out a paan from his bag and began chewing it. Madam Kury was the director in an office and had to reach her office by 10 a.m. Since her husband was out of station and the driver was ill, she decided to walk to the office. She had worn a light yellow saree, spectacles and sandals and was walking hurriedly on the footpath to get to the office in time. Suddenly a young man spat on her from the the passing bus, which stained her clothes. Madam Kury looked at him angrily, but that did not stop the man from laughing, the bus moved ahead.

Real education is the key to success
At the office, Madam Kury was going through the profiles of the interviewees. Her eyes were fixed on one of the profile who was a topper in both graduation and post graduation and had a four years working experience. He would get the job, she thought, and pressed the call bell, when Mahesh entered the room he turned as while as a sheet. Madam said, “You are the one who spat on me from the bus and laughed at me after spoiling my clothes” Before she could say anything further Mahesh hung his head in shame and got out of the room.

He left the office without giving the interview with tears in his eyes. At home he thought, “My imprudence made me unfit for the job. I am literate but not educated in real sense. I took education as a means of living but not to get a meaningful life. Good education creates good values in a person that constructs a good life. I should now be careful to not only have a good education but a real education to do well in life”.

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