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Manner of speech

Manner of speech

नापुट्ठो वागरे किं चि,
पुट्ठो, वा नालियं वए

Without being asked nothing should be spoken, and even when asked, untruth should not be spoken

Pride is the indigestion of knowledge. It should be understood that those who have knowledge with pride, their knowledge has not matured. Such people go on talking without being asked and in the hope of recognition show off their knowledge. Listeners do not give extra attention to the words. They see the heart of the speaker and therefore are easily able to understand the one who is trying to show off or the one who is trying to inspire them for religious conduct. Speaking without being asked is the hidden desire to show off. Therefore, one should never speak without being asked. Even when asked, lies should not be uttered.

It is not proper to respond to someone’s inquisitiveness with improper replies because if it is done, and then later the listener were to come to know the truth, his faith will be lost.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/14

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