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How should the speech be ?

How should the speech be ?

भासियव्वं हियं सच्चं

Benevolent and true must be spoken

Whatever we speak should be for the good of self and others. If it does not happen this way, then we should think that our speech had been wasted. If the students, who have not learnt their lesson are beaten in the class, then on any other day, when they have not learnt their lesson, they think – ‘Never mind, guruji will slap only. We will bear that.’ This way beating will result in their becoming impudent and inclination to learn their lessons would not rise. Instead of this, if they are lovingly made to understand the harm accrued in not learning their lessons daily, they can be encouraged to memorize their lessons regularly.

Similarly, direct criticism makes men angry and they do not get reformed. In comparison, if through the medium of stories they are made to understand the various sufferings undergone by different characters, due to various misdemeanors, they can be expected to be transformed.

Speech should also be true; otherwise, once faith is lost then speech will become ineffectual. Thus, through this maxim, it has been told that our speech must be benevolent and true.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 16/27

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