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पियमप्पियं सव्वं तितिक्खएज्जा

All the loving and unloving must be endured with equanimity

Always one does not get what he wants -praise is not given everywhere, not all people speak in a meek and pleasant way; many a times, we get connected to things which we do not like – people criticize us, we come across occasions when people speak harshly. We should endure all this – this is the command of the omniscient. Forbearance is the symbol of bravery and unbearable-ness of cowardice.

Sadhus who are able to bear the twenty-two types of hardships – hunger, thirst, cold, heat, bite (bug-bite etc.), clothlessness, anger, hurt, alms, hard bed etc. – only get success in the pursuit of their avowed goal.

In the life of family men also forbearance is needed at every step. Getting irritated and angry are the two common occurrences. Anyone can be restless because of his foolishness or shortsightedness; but men of wisdom possessing farsightedness do not get irritated even when such reasons are present. They always show endurance and forbearance everywhere.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 21/15

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