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Do not loose temper

Do not loose temper

अणुसासिओ न कुप्पिज्ज

Discipline should not make you angry

Parents and gurus are elder to us and more experienced. They always try to reform us, keep us away from evil path and continuously try to lead us on the virtuous path. In this connection they criticize us many times, tell our mistakes and advice us to keep away from them. A repeated mistake invites their censure and criticism.

Forgetting their kindness, those who get angry on their benefactors for their stem actions are fools and harm themselves.

We must think that gurus do not derive any pleasure in punishing us. For our good only, unwillingly, they take pains to discipline us and behave so severely. For some times they show their anger, unhappiness so that our future becomes bright. Therefore, we must never be angry on gurus whenever they discipline us.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/6

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