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Don’t be un-vigilant

Don’t be un vigilant

समयं गोयम ! मा पमायए

O Goutama! Don’t be un-vigilant even for a moment

Goutamaswami, who was the principal disciple of Mahavira swami, chief amongst group leaders, was advised not to be un-vigilant even for a moment while treading the path of self-progress. This inspiration given to him more than two thousand five hundred years ago is available to us even today, through the scriptures. How significant is this!

Vigilance is contrary to un-vigilance. What is that aspect of life’s journey, which does not require carefulness, vigilance? None.

Only that aspirant who is constantly watchful can experience success i.e. can reach his goal, attain his objective.

One who is not careful, he is called un-vigilant. He does not appreciate the value of time. He forgets that the time that has been spent, does not come back. Unawareness is such a crime, which gives instant results and can be experienced in this life itself. Therefore, advice has been given not to be un-vigilant even for a moment.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 10/34

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