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Done-Not done

Done Not done

कडं कडेत्ति भासेज्जा, अकडं नो कडेत्ति य

What has been done should be said as done; and what has not been done should be said as not done

Through this maxim, the meaning of true nature of word has been explained. The work done in the presence of guru with humility is ‘done’ and that which has not been done is ‘not done.’

For a particular public utility project few people announce donations and then say, “I have given so much and others have given so much for that project” etc. Though payment has not been effected, still, for getting instant credit, to say that money has been given before having been given is a false statement. Therefore, what has been given (datta) only should be said as given and not given (adatta) as not-given.

However, there is no problem if what is being done is said as done. If food were being prepared and to invite a guest it is said that food is ready, please come; then as per Lord Mahavira’s sayings it can be said thus. If a portion of saree be burnt, then normally it is said that saree is burnt. However, what has not been done should not be said as done.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 1/11

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