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Attachment and Desire

Attachment and Desire

वीयरागयाएणं नेहाणुबंधणाणि,
तण्हाणुबंधणाणि य वोच्छिन्दइ

Detachment destroys the bondage of attachment and desire

Aversion is a fault worth abandoning. Attachment is opposite of aversion but still it is also a fault and worth renouncing like aversion.

Why do we dislike anyone? Because we are attached to others. Let us take the example of food. We dislike putrid, stale food items because we are attached to fresh and delicious food.

Similar analogy applies to everything and every being. Against few things and individuals, we develop aversions because we have no authority on them and develop attachment towards those on whom we have authority.

Attachment towards people binds us with affection and attachment towards things entangles us with desire.

Being detached or practicing detachment cuts the bondage of attachment and desire.

- Uttaradhyayana Sutra 26/45

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