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Speak not the secret

Speak not the secret

जं छं तं न वत्तव्वं
That which is secret must be kept confidential.Only at the right time or opportunity revelation of secret is proper.

Sometimes, revealing the secret before proper time can cause great harm. Those who speak much, they speak out confidential information also. Therefore, confidential matter must not be told to such people.

Looking at the results only, efforts of men can be imagined. They never advertise the means before accomplishing the goal. People only know what they have achieved, what they are doing; what they are going to do is not known to anyone.

Those who want to get credit before achieving their goal talk big and highly praise themselves. Gentlemen do not do this.

Wise men have said that any secret that is heard by six ears is soon revealed. This means that confidential matter must not reach beyond three people; otherwise, achievement of goal could be in jeopardy. Therefore, speak not what is secret.

- Sutrakratanga Sutra 1/6/26

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