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An opportunity for self improvement

An opportunity for self improvement

अत्तहियं खु दुहेण लब्भइ

An opportunity for self-improvement is got with difficulty

In this world, there are many stones, diamonds less; dogs are many, elephants few; jackals many, lions are few; margosa trees are many, mango trees are less; pebbles are a lot, pearls few; bad characters are many, good characters rare.

Man becomes as good or bad according to the company he keeps. Wicked men being more, he cultivates bad habits soon.

Men of good character being much less, he rarely gets the opportunity of their august company with lot of difficulty.

Compared to gentle men, number of Sadhus are less. Hence, opportunities available to be with them and listen to their discourses are equally less. Wise men only utilize such opportunities, not the ignorant.

August company of Sadhus only paves the way for self-welfare. Everyone must take the benefit of such opportunities.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 1/2/2/30

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