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सव्वत्थ भगवया अनियाणया पसत्था

Lord Mahavira has praised selflessness everywhere

Unselfishness is essential for the purity of work. The wish for gain and selfishness spoils the work. We will surely get the fruit but should not do any work in the hope of getting its benefits.

This statement is necessary because sometimes we get the fruit late and sometimes after our death in the next birth. Thus, people who do not get the fruit quickly get disappointed and turn their faces off against their duties. Disinterested people are not eager for the fruits and therefore, they are always occupied with their work.

The second thing is that charity provides benefits and earns fame; but the person who gives charity only for name; donates only there where he hopes to get more glory, oblivious of the fact of betterment of the receiver nullifies its advantage. Thus, desire of such fruits can make the deed even worthless.

That is why the Lord has praised unselfish charity.

- Sthananga Sutra 6/1

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