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Scriptures and religious conduct

Scriptures and religious conduct

दुविहे धम्मे-सुयधम्मे चेव चरित्तधम्मे चेव

Religion has two forms – scriptural (knowledge of reality) and conduct (morality)

When a mother cries – complains that her son does not listen to her, then does she cry for his deafness? Or does the son not have the ears to listen? Does he not have the sense of hearing? He has that entire faculty. Mother’s complaint is that whatever she says, the son does not obey. Because he does not do whatever she says, it is said that he does not listen.

This practical experience applies in the field of religious life also. To study and listen to the gurus and act accordingly is also a duty. Thus, religion is of two kinds – first is scriptural knowledge and the second is religious conduct.

Mind always runs after the objects of senses; therefore, instead listening to the mind, we should listen to what the gurus say so that our life becomes pure, our conduct chaste. Thus, both ought to be practiced – scriptural knowledge as well as religious conduct.

- Sthananga Sutra 2/1

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