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In the other world

In the other world

इहलोगे सुचिण्णा कम्मा परलोगे
सुहफल विवाग संजुत्ता भवन्ति

Good work done here yields happiness in the other world

The fruits of good work not available here, would be got in the next life.

Many people, when they see that in this world lot of fraudulent, evil, thugs, thieves and cunning men are enjoying the life and the Sadhus, restraint, well behaved, benevolent, religious people, gentle men are suffering, passing through pain; then, their faith in the religion gets weakened.

Advising such people, wise men say that if they are not getting the result of their virtuous act and benevolence, they should not feel disappointed because virtuous act never goes waste. What is there to worry if you are not rewarded in this life? You will surely be benefited in the next life with many times more benefits.

Soul is eternal. After the demise of this body, it takes birth in the other world and there the good work done in this world pays off.

- Sthananga Sutra 4/2

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