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Useless violence

Useless violence

अट्ठा हणंति, अणट्ठा हणंति

Some people commit violence with some aim and some aimlessly

It is the habit of many people to simply uproot a plant while walking and throw that away, to pick a flower and crush that, to break the branch of the tree, keep it in their hand for sometime and then throw that away. Many ladies are such that while standing they go on scrapping the earth with their toe. Thus, purposelessly, violence is committed on the vegetables and the earth.

Many students sitting on pond’s bank throw stones in the water and enjoy the ripples and the waves generated because of their action oblivious of the fact that many creatures would have got hurt and killed because of the stone thrown by them in the water.

Opposite to this, few people commit aggression with a purpose e.g. to break the branch for teeth cleaning, to take bath for body cleaning, to take breath etc. As it is violence is sin; but violence without purpose is more sinful than violence with a purpose.

- Prasnavyakarana 1/1

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