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अहिंसा तसथावरसव्वभूयखेमंकरी

Non-violence is benevolent for all the living beings, mobile and immobile

Living beings are of two kinds – 1. Siddhas, who have annihilated all their karma and 2. Worldly, who are attached with karma.

Worldly beings are also of two kinds – mobile and immobile. Bugs, black-bees, snakes, animals, birds, humans and others, from two sensed to five sensed, all beings are called mobile (trasa). Against this, those who are unable to move e.g. one sensed living beings of the body of earth, water, fire, air and vegetable that cannot move are called immobile (sthavara).

Non-violent person does not want to give pain to any living being because he knows that as he wishes to live, so do others wish to live; and as he does not want to die, so also others do not want to die.

He also thinks that as he does not wish that others trouble him, so also others are wary of troubles given by others. Inspired by such thoughts he does not want to hurt any living being whether they be mobile or immobile. That is why non-violence is benevolent.

- Prasnavyakarana 2/1

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