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Jiv Vichar – Gatha 1

Jiv Vichar   Gatha 1

भुवण पईवं वीरं, नमिऊण भणामि अबुहबोहत्थं|
जीवसरुवं किंचि वि, जह भणियं पुव्वसूरिहिं||

In the first stanza, the author pays obeisance to Lord Mahavira who through his omniscience enlightens the three loka which are deprived of the right knowledge.

This series of Jiv Vichar offers a brief explanation about the different life forms existing in the whole universe and classifications of all living beings (bodies) as stated in the Jain scriptures, in an easy and lucid manner, for those who are ignorant of this topic and which is otherwise abstruse.

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