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Respected disciple

Respected disciple

जो छंदमाराहयइ स पुज्जो

One who understands and obeys the signs is respected

That disciple who fulfills the heart-felt wish of the guru not only when told but also when he understands and implements the wishes of his guru expressed through subtle signs is praiseworthy, respectable.

He is the best disciple who, through understanding of his guru’s wishes, quietly fulfills his duties.

He is the second best who performs his duties when told.

He is of the third grade who neglects his duties even while told repeatedly.

‘Chanda’ or one who fulfills intentions or one who obeys the commands is respected. With this aphorism, inspiration of not only obeying the commands given, but also to become a best disciple is given. One who pursues this i.e. the disciple who does his duty with understanding of the intentions of his gurus according to their wishes, without being told, he is the humble one with discretion and respected by all – his life will be worth following for the society.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 6/3/1

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