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Attributes of speech

Attributes of speech

मियं अदुट्ठं अणुवीइ भासए,
सयाण मज्झे लहइ पसंसणं

One who speaks concisely and faultlessly with thinking, he gets respect from gentlemen

All speak, but how many are there who really know to speak? Are you not aware of attributes of speech? If yes, this maxim is ready to guide you.

It has been told in this that there should be three attributes in a speech -

1. Conciseness – Whatever we speak should be short, minimum words should be used, and should be full of meaning.

2. Faultless – Pronunciations should be right i.e. consonants and vowels must be pronounced correctly. From the point of grammar also, sentence should be faultless.

3. Thoughtful – Think very well before speaking i.e. speak after due consideration.

To earn praise from gentlemen, we should develop these attributes.

- Dasavaikalika Sutra 7/55

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