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Who knows other’s pain ?

Who knows other’s pain ?

जे अज्झत्थं जाणइ, से बहिया जाणइ|
जे बहिया जाणइ, से अज्झत्थं जाणइ|

Who knows the internal, knows the external and who knows the external, knows the internal

This is an experienced fact that one who understands his pleasures and pain of self, he only can understand the pleasures and pain of others.

One who has never had any opportunity to be hungry or thirsty, how can he understand the gravity of pain of someone’s hunger and thirst. How can such a man get inspired or strive for the removal of hunger and thirst through donation of food and water?

In the same way, knower of others’ pain knows own pain also. i.e. he believes others pain as his. Compassion or sympathy resides in such a person only. Immediately after hearing about a neighbor having pricked a thorn, he runs with a needle to pick the same as if the thorn has pricked him only. It has been said also that one who has not experienced the pain himself, how can he know the pain of others?

- Acaranga Sutra 1/14

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