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Who is free ?

Who is free ?

विमुत्ता हु ते जणा, जे जणा पारगामिणो

Those who have crossed desires, they only are truly free

Bondage! How bad this word is? Who likes this? Who wants to be entrapped in this? None.

Opposite of this is the word ‘freedom’, which is liked, wished for by all. Those who are in bondage of any type, they also strongly wish for release. Those who are in jail, they want to come out; they want to roam in the free environment.

Wise men say, ‘This world, this cycle of birth, old age and death, is also bondage’. Man stuck in the net of desires and sense gratification cannot enjoy the bliss of moksha. He only is truly free who is free of desires.

Man released from jail can again commit crime and go to the jail; a tired man roaming outside his room can again go back to his room; but the man liberated from this world can never come back to this world again. Now, think and decide – who is free?

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/2

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