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Pure, free and forbearing

Pure, free and forbearing

सारदसलिलं इव सुद्धहियया,
विहग इव विप्पमुक्का,
वसुंधरा इव सव्वफासविसहा

Hearts of Sadhus are as pure as the water of a river in autumn. Like the bird, they are free of bondage and like the earth, they endure all pleasures and pain with equanimity

During rainy days, the color of the water of the river, which looks like the color of tea or coffee because of mud mixing, becomes pure in autumn. Sadhus hearts are also pure like that. They are without the dirt of passions.

The birds are free, not bounded to any place; similarly, Sadhus also do not stay at a particular place. They are not allured to any particular village or city. As the bird sometimes sits on one tree and after that on some other tree and flies off, likewise, Sadhus also, sometimes stay, at one place, sometimes at another and after staying there for few days resume their journey for another destination.

As the earth endures everything whether someone walks on it, digs it or pierces through plowing, so also Sadhus endure all hardships and natural calamities.

Thus, pure hearted Sadhus are free and forbearing.

- Sutrakritanga Sutra 2/2/38

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