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Weapon or weaponless ?

Weapon or weaponless ?

अत्थि सत्थं परेण परं|
नत्थि असत्थं परेण परं||

There are weapons, which are one better than another, but there is nothing greater than weaponless ahimsa

In this world, there are many instruments of violence and they are one better than another. Sword, lance, arrow, gun, canon, bomb and atom bomb (hydrogen bomb) are progressively horrible weapons of destruction. If selfishness is not removed from the consideration of nations, then manufacture of more deadly weapons is possible in the future. World has seen the horrifying results of the world war 1914 and 1936; still the preparations of the third world war is on -what foolishness is this?

Against this, instrument of weaponless or ahimsa is only one – compassion. In this field, better instruments are not found. In use of weapons, there is agitation, war and cruelty; but in ahimsa, there is peace, co-operation and compassion. What should we pick – weapon or weaponless? Think on your own.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/3/4

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