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Accumulate not

Accumulate not

बहुं पि लद्धुं न निहे

One should not accumulate even if more be available

If water is stagnated and not allowed to flow, then it gets rotten. Same logic applies to wealth also.

If it gets amassed then the concern for looking after that rules the mind. Family members, thieves, dacoits and all go after that and try to snatch that away.

Utility of water is that we quench our own and others’ thirst. Similarly, wealth’s utility is also that we fulfill our own and others’ necessities. The wealth, which is given or distributed for meeting the necessities of others, is called donation. Donation earns virtues. Wealth used for the welfare of others makes one holy.

According to the enlightened, for self-progress it is imperative that on getting more wealth, we continue to donate, never hoard.

- Acaranga Sutra 1/2/5

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