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The Power of Atonement

The Power of Atonement
A cancer patient can be cured if given the proper treatment but a small thorn, allowed to remain in the feet, can kill him. In the same way, one can be pure and pious by confession but hiding a small sin in the heart can cause a series of damage in forthcoming births. One should surrender himself to a learned, selfless and noble guru and admit all the sins committed, without any arrogance, fear or hesitation. The guru should be informed about the darker side of life so that even a tiny sin shouldn’t remain unturned. Let all the physical, mental, spiritual and moral sins turn into ashes. The confession has the power of a mega atom bomb.

By constantly committing sins and not confessing them, one invites the miseries of the hell, where the demons repeatedly inflict pain and sufferings. As a part of the punishment they cut ones body into pieces, fry in boiling lead and cause other measures of torture. Due to this pain, one longs for death, yet death stays quite far-away from him. One shall have to take birth as a pig and get roasted in hot climate of Andhra or as a buffalo, and do the hardwork of fetching water by climbing on high mountains of Bharuch. At that time, he shall remember that if he had observed the atonement of sins, he wouldn’t have to suffer.

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  1. chandan kumar
    Jan 14, 2013 #

    very touching

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