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Even today, the rite of Confession exists

Even today, the rite of Confession exists
If anyone says that nowdays neither confession nor person advising atonement exists, then that person wanders for infinite births. The ‘Achara Kalpa’ and ‘Vyavahara sutra’ extracted from the third vastu of the ninth purva and dedicated selfless gurus are still existing. The soul becomes lighter by taking atonement from masters just as a labourer feels relaxed after letting off weight from his head. It is said in Vanditasutra that,

Kayapavo vi manusso,
aaloiya nindiya gurusagase
Hoi aereg a lahuo,
aohriya bharuvva bharvaho
One who has committed sins, if he confesses them before Guru, will be relaxed, just as a labourer feels relaxed after letting off weight from his head.
It is nothing surprising to commit a sin as since times immemorial, the soul has committed sins under the influence of karmas and bewitchment. The souls of Tirthankara’s also had committed sins, but managed to purify themselves by self-criticism. Scholars have said that -

Tam na dukkaram jam padisevijjai,
Tam dukkaram, jam sammam aaloijai tti
It isn’t tough to commit sins, but it is tough to confess them in a righteous way.

What kind of Gurus are eligible to advice atonement for Confession?

Giatyo kadajogi,
charitti tahaya gahana kushalo,
kheyanno avisai bhanio aalochanachario
One who has studied Nishith and Chhedsutra, whose body soul and act is adorned by penance and meditation, who posseses a clear character, who is blessed to get the atonement accepted by those who have come before them, who has vast knowledge needed for atonement, one who doesn’t have disgust towards those who have committed various kinds of sin, who doesn’t get frustrated but provides atonement by encouraging the criticizer by giving examples of great men. Beside this -

vavaharopavelai pkuvve ya
Aprissavi nijja avayadansi guru bhanio
One who follows strictly the five types of conduct, is capable of remembering sins of self criticizer, has knowledge of five conducts described in ‘Agams’ and ‘Jeet’. If one feels shy of disclosing sins then he should be able to relieve him from shy and help to conduct self-criticism properly. He shouldn’t disclose to others about the sins of someone. He should recommend the penance accordingly for the aged and ill ones. He should red-alert the criticizer about the pains and sufferings in future births, if he doesnt confesses properly.

Agitarth guru, who doesn’t have adequate knowledge of advising penance, gets trapped in worldly life by advising inadequate atonement. The seeker also has to bear troubles for innumerable births. One should look for geetarth guru for 12 years even if he is 700 yojans (5600 miles) away.
If one doesn’t find an eligible guru until the recomended time and space and performs self criticism under immense feeling of repentance in absence of guru also achieves spiritual knowledge E.g. The king who ordered to kill saint Zhanzaria. One purifies himself even if he dies in search of an eligible guru, but having the company of gurus, if he neglects or ignores self-criticism, he can’t become pure.

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