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Importance of Confession

Importance of Confession

जंबुदीपे जे हुंति पव्वया, ते चेव हुंति हेमस्स|
दिज्जंति सत्तखित्ते न छुट्टए दिवसपच्छितं॥
जंबुदीवे जा हुज्ज वालुआ, ताउ हुंति रयणाइ|
दिज्जंति सत्त खिते, न छुट्टए दिवसपच्छित्तं॥

The soul, that have committed numerous sins can’t become pure even after donating gold equivalent to all the mountains of Jambu island and precious stone as equals all the sand of Jambu island. But the same soul becomes pure by confessing innocently and willingly as well as by repenting.

आलोयणपरिणओ सम्मं संपट्ठिओ गुरुसगासे|
जइ अंतरावि कालं करेइ आराहओ तहवि॥

What else can we say, the great soul, who has moved towards confession, even though dies before or during atonement, becomes pure. The soul confessing improperly, even after completing the recommended atonement etc, doesn’t become pure. Hence one has to confess purely.

What Is Meant By Impure Confession?

लज्जा गारवेण बहुस्सुयभयेण वावि दुच्चरियं|
जे न कहंति गुरूणं, न हु ते आराहगा हुंति॥

Feeling ashamed in admitting such deeds, due to pride, being a great devotee or a scholar etc. may cause hesitation in confessing sincerely. The souls who do not truly confess due to fear of losing scholarship or by shame or pride, don’t become pious.

The 10 Faults of Persons Confessing Improperly

आकंपईत्ता अणुमाणईत्ता,
जं दिट्ठं बायरं वा सुहुमं वा|
छन्न-सद्दक़लयं, वहुजण अवत्त तस्सेवी॥

  1. Gaining sympathy and feeling in ones favor by worshiping and serving Gurudev and requesting for little penance against sins.
  2. Assuming that one will receive little atonement by flattering guru.
  3. One who confesses his mistakes which others know, but doesn’t confess the ones which he alone knows.
  4. One who self criticizes his big mistakes and errors but neglects the smaller ones.
  5. The confession of smaller mistakes, ignoring the bigger, assuming that the Guru would consider that he is confessing even small mistakes minutely and therefore must be doing the same for bigger ones. The reason for not confessing the bigger ones should be that he has committed any. By doing this, he believes that he has maintained his pride and image. He self-criticizes sincerely before the master who is not familiar to him so as to gain false satisfaction of pure confession.
  6. Speaks in such a way that the guru can’t understand clearly.
  7. Does self criticism where there is lot of noise so that guru can’t hear properly.
  8. Spreads news about atonement of self criticism to create a nice image and raise ones self pride.
  9. Confesses before Gurus, who doesn’t possess knowledge of religion and “ched” scriptures.
  10. Does confession before somebody who has committed same sins like him so as to avoid hatred and punishment.
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  1. Arun
    Jul 1, 2020 #

    Confessions with whole hearted daily in Pratikama with abow not todo it again forever and to forgive my allsins.

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