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Save Power

Save Power

Save electricity, save money

Madhuri took the help of a rod to heat water. She filled the bucket with water and placed the rod in it. After a few minutes she came to check the water. As soon as she put her hands in the bucket she got a shock. Fortunately she was wearing rubber slippers so she did not get electrocuted. She said aloud “Thank God, I am alive. Had I touched the rod then I would have got stuck to it and I would have died”.

When she received the monthly electricity bill she got another shock as it was very high, then she realized it was because of the unnecessary use of tubelight, fans, T.V. and other kitchen appliances. For example when drying the floor after moping, it was better to use a dry cloth instead of using fan at high speed. She decided to heat water by using solar energy. She knew that this was a simple process where she had to fill the water in a coloured bucket and cover it with glass or plastic and put it in the sunlight. A small accident changed her life.

This way you can save money, electricity and also environment.

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